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Name£º8-Port 19" LCD Screen KVM
8-Port 19" LCD Screen KVM


Applied range:

Applied to air force onboard, land force vehicle mounting, navy sea base, armed police commander and various arms environment.

Applied to network monitoring and other multiple application environment.

Applied to military, industry, transportation and multi-application industries.

Main features:

Integrated monitor/Touchpad mouse/104 keyboard with numeric block/electronic switch

Excellent video effect, the optimum resolution can reach to 1024*768 75HZ

Support integrated DDC2B function, can detect the type of screen without changing computers.

Dual interface PS/2/USB keyboard mouse switch connect and control computers.

This LCD KVM control platform can use one set of display device/keyboard/mouse to control 16 sets of computers or servers

Humanity design, one person can install and dismantle so as to increase administer¡¯s working efficiency.

Use Keyboard hotkey or OSD to select computers, can manage 512 computers at most.

Password security protection, only authorized users can view and control inline computers.

Support various brands¡¯ servers and IPC, such as IBM, DELL,HP, SUN, Lenovo, Advantech, CRESUN, EVOC, etc.

Compatible with Microsoft, Linux, Unix and other series operation system

Support screen DDC2B function, can detect the type of screen without changing computers.

Mouse has high performance compatibility, support high level multi-functional keyboard and mouse.(for instance: Logitech MX series)

Can change through keyboard hotkey and OSD video control, support the highest resolution to 2048*1536


Connecting line port:

D-SUB15 port(monitor; keyboard; mouse)) port

OSD switch:


Switch way:

Hotkey functional keyswitch, OSD menu control.

Switch sweep interval:

1~255 second(OSD is adjustable)

LCD screen:

15"TFT LCD resolution 1024*768 brightness 250nits contrast ratio 400:1

LCD screen control:

Multi-language OSD regulates the maximum impact.

Keyboard/ mouse:

104 machinery silence keyboard Touchpad

Voltage input:

AC 100V-240V 47-63Hz power: 30W

Material of Body

High strength anti-corrosion rigid panel


Insulated black baking varnish (color is optional)





Applied cabinet:

800~1040MM 16.7M

Storage temperature:


Operation temperature:



0%¡«80% RH

Service life:

120000 hours

Safety certificate:


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