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Name£ºrugged laptop
Most of the industrial rugged laptop are used in aerospace control field which
 involves various industries¡¯ high and new technology. It¡¯s a enormous and 
complicated system for aerospace. Each aerospace research institution has intensive division. 
The laptop produced by B+F company has mature technology, and also achieves 
lead-edge level. It meets customer¡¯s various performance requirements. Customers 
can come up with their own projects, custom kinds of portable computers.
Main Features
  Most of the industrial rugged laptop are used in aerospace control field which involves various industries¡¯ high and new technology. It¡¯s a enormous and complicated system for aerospace. Each aerospace research institution has intensive division. The laptop produced by B+F company has mature technology, and also achieves lead-edge level. It meets customer¡¯s various performance requirements. Customers can come up with their own projects, custom kinds of portable computers.
Applied Range 1¡¢Military application and field operation
2¡¢Service and diagnosis in industry field
3¡¢Portable server and workstation
4¡¢Test in network and communication
5¡¢Geological prospection
6¡¢Industrial and mining enterprises¡¯ AV compilation in special area
7¡¢Television field live show broadcast
8¡¢Field data acquisition
Main Character 1¡¢Apollo 550 uses all-aluminum alloy structure, anodic oxidation finish machining on the surface. EMI/RF protection layer.
2¡¢System supports passive backplane or commercial motherboard
3¡¢Various 4-slot PCI/SA/PISA baseboard (optional)
4¡¢System supports Celeron, P¢ó, P4 and other CPU
5¡¢Two strong ball-bearing fans, dimension is 80¡Á80¡Á25mm
6¡¢Two feet support the chassis at the bottom which is used for adjusting viewing angle.
7¡¢Dismountable 105 keys WIN95 keyboard, has mouse under the keyboard.
Structure All-aluminum alloy structure, anodic oxidation finish machining on the surface
Baseboard Various 9-slot PCI/SA/PISA baseboard (optional)
CPU System supports Celeron, P¢ó, P4
Fan Three strong ball-bearing fans, dimension is 80¡Á80¡Á25mm
Chassis 8 damping rubber blanket in the quadrangle of the chassis
Drive Two 3.5¡± driver and notebook CD-ROM/DVD driver
Power supply P4 CPU 200W/300W ATX industrial power supply is optional, also supports DC/AC inverter.
Keyboard 4 damping rubber blanket in the quadrangle of the keyboard
Operating temperature 0¡«50¡æ
Storage temperature -10¡«60¡æ
Shock 1.5G@10~100Hz (operating)
Display 12.1¡åTFT display, LVDS port, 14.1¡åTFT display, LVDS port
Model £Ð£Ð£Ã£­£±£¸£²£° £Ð£Ð£Ã£±£¸£´£°
Color 24bit true color TFT
Resolution 800¡Á600 1024¡Á768
Structural Design
Ordering Information
Model Description
BPPC-1580 rugged laptop

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