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Name£º15¡å Rugged Laptop
Wide temperature screen and control board, operating temperature: -20~70¡æ;
Wide temperature screen and control board, operating temperature: -20~70¡æ;
Rubber angle shockproof processing;
All-aluminum material, high-tech surface treatment, portable and beautiful.
  Wide temperature screen and control board, operating temperature: -20~70¡æ;
Imported silica gel trackball mouse and keyboard, waterproof, stable and reliable performance;
Rubber angle shockproof processing;
All-aluminum material, high-tech surface treatment, portable and beautiful.
LCD Display
Display type TFT-LCD
Screen Size (Diagonal) 1024¡Á768 XVGA
Luminance (cd/©O) 350
Construction Sandblasting oxidation and baking varnish disposal on aluminum¡¯s
Keyboard Imported full waterproof silica gel keyboard
Color Army green (optional)
Motherboard Industrial mini-motherboard or motherboard 104
HDD SATA 32G DOM (optional)
Power Supply 300W wide temperature ATX power supply
Memory 2G notebook memory
I/O Ports 1 x RS232 serial, 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet port, 1 x power supply
Operating Temperature -20~70¡æ
Storage Temperature -40~80¡æ
Shock& Vibration EMC meets the 5th Military Standard GJB-151A-97
Structural Design
Ordering Information
Model Description
BPPC-JG1525 15¡å Rugged Laptop
BPPC-JG1225 12¡å Rugged Laptop

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