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Name£º12¡± Industrial Panel PC
BPPC-1201T panel pc uses high brightness 12¡± TFT LCD integrating with the newest low power dissipation main 
board, compatible with panel type, wall-mounted type, 
VESA standard supporting arm, supports AT/ATX dual 
power model, four-wire resistive touch screen is optional, applicable to communication, control terminal in 
telecom, electricity, multi-media, national defense,
 medical treatment, industrial automation equipment, manufacturing industry.
Main Features
BPPC-1201T panel pc uses high brightness 12¡± TFT LCD integrating with the newest low power dissipation main board, compatible with panel type, wall-mounted type, VESA standard supporting arm, supports AT/ATX dual power model, four-wire resistive touch screen is optional, applicable to communication, control terminal in telecom, electricity, multi-media, national defense, medical treatment, industrial automation equipment, manufacturing industry.
Applied Range  
  Military application and field operation
Service and diagnose in industry field
Portable server and workstation
Networking and communication test
Television outdoor real time program broadcast
Outdoor data acquisition
Geologic prospection
Industrial and mining enterprises¡¯ AV Editor in special area
CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz with 533MHz FSB
Display card: Intel 945GSE + Intel ICH7M
Network card: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Port by RJ45 with LED indi cators - Ethernet controller :
2 x PCIe by one bus Realtek 8111D
I/O: 1 x parallel port LPT (pin extension)
6 x serial port COM*6 (RS232)2 (RS422)
2 x (RS485)2
USB: 4 x USB 2.0 stack port for external
Power supply: 12V5A
Touch screen + controller 4-wire USB resistive touch screen with touchkit controller
Interface: VGA USB
HDD: 320G(optional)
Power amplifier: 3W
LCD 12¡± LCD (optional)
Operational temperature: 0 ¨C 60 degree C
Storage temperature: -20 ¨C 80 degree C
Weight: TBD
Salt Fog: Meet GJB4.11 requirements
Enclosure: Aluminum alloy (draw bench) + metal plate
Dimension 358.5 x 296.5 x 15.0mm (max)
Structural Design
Ordering Information
Model Description
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