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NameHuman-Machine Interface
Selected steel case (1.2mm), aluminum deck.
Main Features:
HumanCMachine Interface is a medium and conversation port to deliver and exchange message with computer, is an important component of computer system. It refers to the field or interface in which human and computer have a function contact or influence when exchanging message.
Applied Range
Applied for air force skyborne, land force vehicle-mounted, navy onboard, armed police conduction and other multi-armed environment.
Applied for various application environment such as wide temperature, muggy, EMI, etc.
Applied for military, industry, transportation and other multi-applied industry.
Main Characters

HMI is an IPC integrated with LCD, keyboard, mouse, and main frame, it uses solid and flexible design precept, and fit for different industrial field application.

12.1 high brightness 1024*768 LCD, meet requirements of showing messages in quantity.
Waterproof keyboard and imported military standard rocker mouse, no need to use extra keyboard and mouse when user operates it. Besides, it has excellent expansion performance and strong compatible function.
Solid design, quakeproof, antifouling, and applied for harsh environment.
High quality all-steel chassis (1.2mm) and Aluminum panel design.
Integrated membrane keyboard, 36 function keys, numeric keys and direction keys, integrated design is easy for surface cleaning and can prevent effectively dust and oil from screen and body.
Front panel is installed with rocker mouse, reliable, easily use, durable.
CPU Onboard embedded low power consumption INTEL ULV P-M 1.1 G CPU (P8702 suitable)/ C-M 600M CPU (P8701 suitable)
Standard configuration interfaces:

1. front USB interface, 1 x serial interface, 1 x parallel interface, 2 x PS/2 interface, 1 x 10/100 network interface.
2. built-in 3.5≦ 7200rpm 80G hard disk, floppy drive, ultrathin CD-ROM

Power Supply: 115/230V, 24V DC(optional)
Display Controller: 855GM/ 852GME integrated display controller, support two-channel, 18bit LVDS port, realize individual display (namely dual display) when using both CRT and LVDS.
System memory : ONBORAD DDR 512M RAM
EIDE interface: 2 x IDE interface, one standard IDE, support two 3.5" IDE device, the other MINI IDE interface, support two 2.5" EIDE device.
ICH: INTEL ICH4 chipset
USB interface: 4 x USB2.0 standard interface
CF card socket One standard 50 pin Compact Flash socket, support /Å/‰CF card
Network Card 3 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet port, Intel 82551 chip
Parallel port one IDC26 parallel interface, support SPP/EPP/ECP model, anti-static protection function.
Serial port: 6 x fast COM ports, COM1->RS232COM2->RS232/RS422/RS485, COM3,4,5,6 use W83697UF to expand.
Number IO: Provide 8 GPIO, 4 input, 4 output.
Audio card: AC'97 audio card, support Microphone in, Line in, CD audio in, lineout
TV-OUT: Expand through FS453
Keyboard, mouse port PS/2 MINI-DIN port
I/O chip Use Winbond W83627HF advanced I/O chip
BIOS: 4MB Flash BIOS; support APM 1.2; support USB, CD-ROM, LS-120 ZIP device start-up system
Communication interface Onboard 1 x PCMCIA interface
PCI port 1 x PCI slot
Ordering Information
BPPC!1201 Human-Machine Interface

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