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Name£ºUltra Thin LCD Monitor
Ultra Thin LCD Monitor

Applied range:
 Military use and field operation
 Service and diagnosis in industry field
 Portable server and workstation
 Test in network and communication
 Television station field real time program broadcast
 Field data acquisition
 Geological prospection
 Industrial and mining enterprises¡¯ AV edition in special area
Principal characters
 12.1¡± TFT ultra thin LCD screen
 Silver gray aluminum panel, black back frame, built-in adapter
 Touch screen is optional
 Structure: Embedded aluminum panel structure
 Installation model:  Embedded installation, rack mounting
Optional: Standard rack mounting installation
Color: Standard silver grey (OEM), aluminum panel, black back frame
Size: 12.1TF TLCD
Resolution: 1024¡Á768 VGA
Brightness: 250CD/M*M
View angle£¨H/V£©: 140 /110
Color: 262K
 Input signal way VGA/VGA
Power supply: DC12V
 Operation method: Front panel OSD
 Temperature range: When operation: 0¡«+60¡æ when storage: -20¡«+70¡æ
Dimension: 316 x 247 x 60mm
Protective properties:
Operating temperature: 0¡æ~50¡æ(32¨H~122¨H)
Storage temperature: -20¡æ~60¡æ(-4¨H~140¨H)
Operating humidity: 10~90%@40¡æ non-condensing/non touch state
Power: Input voltage / output voltage / output current / output power / efficiency / total regulation / frequency
100¡«240V /12V / 4A / 48W / 85% / ¡À1% /47¡«63Hz built-in overpressure, over current short-term protection
Structure design:
Ordering information:
LCD-19T 19¡± Industrial Touch Screen Display
LCD-10T 10.4" Industrial Touch Screen Display
LCD-17T 17" Industrial Touch Screen Display
LCD-15T 15" Industrial Touch Screen Display
LCD-1201T 12" Industrial Touch Screen Display


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