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Name£ºAdvertisment Display Monitor
  AD15J is 15¡¯¡¯ advertisement displayer which is effective, can be read under sunlight.
Its max consumption is 24W, LCD screen brightness can be 1300 cd/m2.
With wide visual angle and vivid color display makes high definition picture by XGA 1024*768.
cling display.
COMPACT FLASH card, CF card or HDD, with integrated USB, connecting to PC supported, to change the advertisement is more convenient and fast (700MB/minute). Stereo out (RCA) 2¡ª3 W, remote control and auto play, graphic drive optical (TV, AV, VGA), support MPEG1£¨VCD£©£¬MPEG2£¨DVD£©£¬CD£¬MP3£¬JPEG, etc.
Screen 15¡¯¡¯ TFT color liquid screen.
Dot pitch 0.294*0.294mm
Display color 162,000 colors (RGB 8-bit data).
Viewing angle 140 degree / level, 140 degree / vertical.
Signal-less display DSOrganize.
Module brightness 1300nits (type).
Monitor brightness 800nits (type)
Colour coordinate X/0.310, Y/0.300.
Color temperature 6950K (type)
Screen contrast 400:1
Reverberation time 20ms.
Picture display size 376.320 x 301.056mm (4:3)
Best resolution 1204 x 768
Max resolution 1024 x 768
Graphic card input signal AV, TV
Working power supply DC11.5V¡ª12.5V/8A, or above
Working temperature -25~55 degree Celsius
Storing temperature -20~70 degree Celsius
Humidity (40 degree Celsius) £¼95%RH
Half-brightness life 40000 hours
Screen control remote
Audio output 3W x 2
Size 1200 x 35 x 65 mm
Weight (iron) <7kg
Rack upright cornerbracket
Ordering Information
Model Description
A DM-1501 Advertisment Display Monitor

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