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Name£ºRugged Laptop
Principal Characters:

Applied to outdoors and harsh environment;

Shockproof and portable;

CPU long card and baseboard design, strong expansibility;

Working temperature0¡æ¡«60¡æ

Screen is adjustable, keyboard is detachable, rational construction.

Structure: All aluminium portable design, rugged, shockproof
Dimension (W x H x D): 416mm x 316mm x 138mm
Color: Army green, GY06(OEM)
Mainboard: 945P industrial long card
CPU: Intel Core 2 E7500
RAM: Kingston 2G DDR3 800MHz
HDD: 500G 2.5" notebook hard disk
Power: 2U rugged power supply PIS-5220V
Loudspeaker: Industrial mini double loudspeaker box
Display: TFT LCD
Size: 15"
Resolution: 1024 x 768XVGA
Keyboard & Mouse: Stainless steel mouse, 105-key industrial keyboard
Brightness: 400 cd/m2
Working Temperature:


Relative Humidity: 10~95%, 40¡æ non-condensing
Compatible Performance: EMC meets military standard GJB-151A-97, GJB152A-1997

-17Hz, 0.1" dual peak displacement; 17-640Hz, 1.56 peak-peak acceleration


0G peak-peak acceleration, sustain 15MS in the direction of X, Y, Z axis

Ordering Information
BPPC-JGBX1501 Rugged Laptop

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