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Name£ºRack Mount KVM switch
High quality grade A, 17¡å TFT-LCD, front panel control buttons and OSD menu, easier for switch and adjustment;
Standard PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and VGA interface;
Support IntelliMouse, Logitech Net Mouse and other MS fully compatible mouse;
Thoroughly solve the deficiency of inadequate space with drawer installation;
High-enduring keyboard and touchpad.
Mounting 1U rack mount, 19" fastening accessories
Screen Size (Diagonal) 17¡å, (318mm) industrial grade A screen
Max. Resolution 1024¡Á768
Keyboard Notebook keyboard
Mouse Tablet mouse
Color Black/White (optional)
Power Supply 220V 40W
I/O Ports PS/2, VGS power supply (Military Standard aviation plugs)
Operating Temperature 10~70¡æ
Storage Temperature -20~80¡æ
Ordering Information
Model Description
KVM-1702 2-Port Smart Switch
KVM-1704 4-Port Smart Switch
KVM-1708 8-Port Smart Switch
KVM-1716 16-Port Smart Switch

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