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Product Customization Process Description
Client requires
  1. Electric technology requirements/structure dimensions/color/surface treatment etc
2. Application environment technical requirements (wide temperature, shockproof, waterproof, electromagnetic -
compatibility, anti-salt fog, communication interface, installation demand, software compatibility, etc.)
3. Detection standards (electromagnetic compatibility, country or industry standards, etc.)
Propose solutions
  1. Technical specifications. Formulate specific parameters, create the Technical Specification.
2. Construction¨s main dimensions, color, surface treatment processes.
3. Relevant country standards for detection, etc.
Client approves
  Client confirms and countersigns the Technical Specification.
Design process document
  1. The technology department finishes the BOM.
2. Operation instruction.
3. Production configuration assembly process.
4. The technical manager¨s approval.
5. Release and upload to the system server.
Key into ERP system
  1. New product and new material¨s numbering.
  2. Key the BOM into the system.
Purchase new materials
  1. Technical department makes technical specification¨s requirements.
2. The commerce department puts forward brand, model and sample.
3. Technical department finishes the Material Confirmation.
4. The commerce department approves to key into the system.
Customize sample
  Execute according to the Order Processing Procedure.
Client confirms sample
  1. Make sure the accordance of sample¨s technical specification and the Technical Specification.
2. Whether the appearance and function are qualified.
3. Whether the packaging, printing and quality are qualified.
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